openPSTD  2.0
Open source simulation for sound propagation in urban environments
Documentation for openPSTD

This document aims to provide insight in the source code of the openPSTD application. While development of both openPSTD and its documentation is still ongoing, this documentation should already prove itself useful.

For information on using the application, see the openPSTD wiki. For other information, we refer to the site.


This documentation focuses only on the C++ implementation. While it is based on the Blender plugin of openPSTD, the implementation largely differs.


openPSTD is licensed under the GPL open source license, because we think it is important for our users to have the freedom to use and adapt openPSTD freely in their academic and commercial projects.

Get involved

We believe in a collaboratively development model and we welcome contributions from other experts. The source code is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to request features, raise issues or make pull requests.